Caminos Asiáticos

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Caminos Asiáticos Catalog

I invite you to tour the exhibition in the same way that its author captured each of these images, with a reflective, artistic look while continuing to marvel at what’s displayed before your eyes.

Graphic Designs
by Marina Rivón, Maremar

Méndez Caratini has distinguished himself by his incessant search for answers that lead him to achieve inner peace. That is why the impressive shots of the beautiful Zen temple in the Japanese city of Kyoto and the series on Buddha should not surprise us. All of them framed in an atmosphere of contemplation and meditation.

The beauty of the buildings, the architecture, and the images contained in each one of these spaces contains ancient oriental practices that lead, according to its author, to states of interior illumination that open the doors to transcendental spaces.

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By Marina Rivón of Maremar Book Design & More
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