Need someone to help you format and finish your book?

You’ve put together a valuable new resource that has the potential of helping your clients. You are just about ready to send it out into the world, except your fabulous new book is sitting on your desktop as a Word document.

  • You know that you have to do things the right way so people will respect you as a professional writer.
  • Doing it all alone can be daunting, as there’s no time to waste.
  • You cannot spend your time fiddling with or learning how to use InDesign or Canva to produce that perfect book.
  • Just as you are a professional in your field, you need a professional designer; one who will know how to format your book, taking into consideration all the editorial rules and software tricks that will help create that breathtaking book that your public will want to read.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to read an ugly book.

A Professionally Designed Book will:

  • Impress your clients
  • Boost your professional credibility
  • Help you promote your business with confidence
  • Give you more time to focus on other important things
  • Give you the time to write your next book.
It only takes three steps:

Tell us about your book

Let us propose a solution

Finish and Present your Book

We work with our clients on specific projects that require our expertise and will benefit from our close working relationships. Among these areas of expertise is our knowledge of book design. With proper guidance, a book is not a daunting task. It has to be understood and calendared so that all the necessary steps and stages of the process are dealt with properly.

I highly recommend Maremar!!!

I have worked with you over the years and as always, your creative work and delivery is outstanding. Nothing like working with professional and intelligent people. You surpass these standards!!!

Heidie Calero

President, HCalero Consulting Group, Inc.

HCalero Consulting Group
Crónicas de María

Lets Finish that Book!

Whatever question you may have you can give us a call at 787-731-8795 for a friendly consultation.

First of all, we should meet so you can tell us exactly what you have in mind, your time frame, budget, and other details that might affect the production schedule of the book.

Then if appropriate, we will send you an estimate of the costs of the services you need. If all is well, we will create a production schedule so you will know where your project is at all times. And depending on the deadlines established we start with your masterpiece.

We will always show you a mock-up of your book for your approval and change whatever we decide together that doesn’t work, or you would like to change. You will always have the final word.

Give us a call so we can set a date for some coffee or tea and discuss your expectations.

We can also prepare some collateral marketing pieces, let’s talk!

Book Design

Cover Design

Graphic Design

Professional Editing


We are just a phone call away, 787.731.8795

Established on the island of Puerto Rico, we are completely bilingual and therefore are in a unique position to relate to the Hispanic markets in the US.

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