Maremar’s professional book editors understand that we are living in a world of information overflow. Well-edited text will organize and synthesize your message into something that will correctly catch and hold the attention of your audience.

It is crucial that you have a professional editor check your manuscript. Did you know that since the typewriter age a whole lot of editorial rules have changed? Our editors are constantly on top of these changes and will make your project look professional. Books that have the old rules like two spaces after a period look amateurish and will affect the prestige your book will gain from your readers. It is much more difficult to rise to the ranks of experts in our fields with DIY books…We are constantly studying to keep up to date with all the new technological advancements and changes in grammar and software.

We work with our clients on specific projects that require our expertise and will benefit from our close working relationships. Among these areas of expertise is our knowledge of book design. With proper guidance, a book is not a daunting task. It has to be understood so that all the necessary steps and stages of the process are dealt with properly.

What kind of editing do I need?

Line editing –

starting at $0.08/word

The kind of editing most authors need. Especially first-time publishing authors. It’s a thorough look, the big picture of the manuscript. An intensive structural edit that focuses on the finer aspects of language–the flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style.

  • Style and tone
  • Structure
  • Narrative
  • Plot flow
  • Characterization
  • Fact checking*

Copy editing –

starting at $0.045/word

The perfect kind of editing for non-fiction books. Copy editing focuses mostly on the technical stuff. Makes sure everything is clear, concise, and consistent throughout the manuscript. It addresses grammar, usage, and consistency issues.

  • Word choice
  • Syntax
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Spacing
  • Fact checking*

*Fact checking may include additional charges

Proofreading –

starting at $0.02/word

The final step is proofreading. It’s a look for typos, punctuation errors, and grammatical errors. Proofreading focuses on the little details that escape you after corrections, changes, and tired eyes.

  • Final review
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Spacing

Book Design

Cover Design

Graphic Design

Professional Editing


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Established on the island of Puerto Rico, we are completely bilingual and therefore are in a unique position to relate to the Hispanic markets in the US.

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