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In order to have an adequate book production schedule, you have to start at the end. First, consider when you need the piece to be ready (the due date) and then move backwards allowing ample time for all the steps along the way. Keep in mind the allotted budget for the piece and what results you expect. These factors, among others, have a great influence on what type of piece your designer will recommend as a solution and how they prepare all necessary elements to make it happen.


The more complex the project, from a production standpoint, the more lead time it will require.

So, let’s make a detailed Book Design and Publishing Schedule for each phase of the project starting backwards.

IMPORTANT: Always allow extra time wherever you feel there might be a bottleneck. One of the things that usually takes more time than allotted are approvals, especially if the decision is taken by a committee or there’s more than one person involved.

Translations are also delicate. Depending on the nature of the material you may have to call in experts in your field to help out (medical, financial, etc.) and this takes up time.

Also be sure you have all your copyright issues clear from the get-go. You don’t want to end up having to wait, at that last moment, for a release signature, an out-of-state permission or an ISBN number.

Note: Usually the most obvious is the least looked upon items, so remember to verify your contact information carefully. Include all credits due and addresses. You would be surprised how many publications overlook the most basic of all information, the phone number!

Print this blank production schedule template and fill it in by hand as we discuss your project.

You can also utilize the tools shown, inserting dates in the column cells right here on this page, and then choose to print the PDF file with all the dates printed out for you. How neat is that?

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