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Marina Rivon

Hi, I am Marina Rivón, one of the partners and senior book designers, at Maremar. I am also a wife and the mother of two marvelous men. Our Golden Retriever’s name is Tita and she likes to play ball and wash her paws.

Book Designers transform your manuscript into an enthralling volume with our boutique book design services. Whether crafting your debut novel or compiling years of poetry, our artful designers will shape a book that astounds you while exuding your unique essence. Our 40 years of experience are dedicated to helping you.

We cherish the collaborative process, listening closely to understand your vision while lending our expertise.

Our specialized approach allows us to lavish care upon each title. Our award-winning designers and virtual professional experts are committed  to take care of your creation through editing refinements, production preparations, global availability in leading marketplaces, and every detail required before eager readers immerse themselves in the worlds you conjure.

When your published book finally rests in your palms, you will feel it is just as you imagined. That is our steadfast commitment.

What Makes us Special

We are here to make your publishing journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our comprehensive publishing process takes care of everything from editing and design to printing, distribution, and marketing – allowing you to focus solely on writing your book.

A key benefit of working with us is that you maintain full ownership and rights over your work. We simply provide guidance and handle the logistics while keeping everything under your name and direction.

With so many complex steps involved in bringing a book to market, it helps immensely to have a trusted advisor. We will clearly explain all your publishing options – whether pursuing traditional publishing houses, print-on-demand services, eBook retailers, or a multi-platform strategy. There are pros and cons to each approach depending on your goals and vision for your book.

Our commitment is to make publishing accessible and to guide you to the finish line on your terms. Please reach out with any questions! 

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We are just a phone call away, 787.731.8795

Established on the island of Puerto Rico, we are completely bilingual and therefore are in a unique position to relate to the Hispanic markets in the US.

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