Designing & Publishing the Book Luisa Géigel Brunet

Luisa Géigel Catalog Designed by Maremar
Luisa Géigel Catalog by Designed Maremar
Luisa Géigel Catalog by Designed Maremar

Designing and publishing the book Luisa Géigel Brunet was a bit of a challenge, but first it’s history:

Many times non – profit Foundations have call for entries for projects on different subjects. The book in question was awarded funds by the A grant applied for and awarded by the Puertorican Humanities Foundation. This grant paid in part for all the investigation, recollection, and mounting of not only a very well-studied exhibit but also to produce a book with all the available information on this, up to now almost forgotten artist. All this started as a result of an early bibliography made by Carmen Ruiz de Fischler, Ph.D. A proposal for an investigation into the life and works of Luisa Géigel Brunet was developed in a joint effort between Dra. Fischler and Dra. Yamila Azize from the School of Medicine. 

One of the biggest challenges was dealing with her family tree which was very important in her development. We worked on a large scale version for the exhibition and a smaller one for the book.

Designing and Publishing


  • Project Management
  • Brochure
  • Exhibit invitation
  • Exhibit Signage
  • Exhibit Genealogy Tree
  • Catalog design and formatting
  • Cover design
  • Publishing Coordination
  • Print Management
  • Book Mock-ups
  • Calendar of events
  • Promotional Invitations

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