Independent Publishing Crónicas de María: Voces para la historia

Independent Publishing Crónicas de María
Book Design Inner Pages of Crónicas de María: Voces para la historia
Book Design Inner Pages of Crónicas de María: Voces para la historia

This project was an independent publishing of various authors telling their stories about those three months after Hurricane Maria.

The book collects all type of comments made by a wide variety of people about their experience with Hurricane María or in the devastating aftermath, after its passage through the island of Puerto Rico.

Working with the design and formatting of this unique piece was a challenge. We decided that the design should respect the different formats of these messages, in order to be able to capture the feelings involved. They are all different. Some are tweets and some are handwritten notes on paper or pieces of cardboard, but each has a specific account to share. They all demonstrate the turmoil the hurricane left behind. In terms of design, it was very important that it was able to portray the theme of the book accurately.

This book attracts the interest of the young reader as well, due to its visual appeal. The purpose of the publication is to create an historical document that collects relevant and timeless information on the experiences of a country and how its people faced the social, economic and political crisis after a devastating event.


  • Project Management
  • Book design and formatting
  • Cover design
  • Photo procurement
  • Photo retouching
  • Book Mockups

The People

This independent publishing project includes poets, writers, fine artists, meteorologists, photographers, and ordinary people. They contributed their perspectives on their experiences before, during and after the hurricane.

This leads to an anthology that includes the different means of communication and humanistic expression. As a result, it is a plural and inclusive chronicle of the voices that express themselves about the consequences of the natural phenomenon and the social and historical context in which it happens.

The purpose of the book is to provoke discussion and reflection among its readers about the new reality that Hurricane María has confronted us with. Its design, of a hybrid and visual nature, is especially important since it is inserted into our image-dominated reality.

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