Designing & Publishing the  Manual for  Emergencias Médicas Pediátricas

Child friendly designed EMP Manual
Interior of specialized Child-friendly book designed for EMP Manual
Emergency chart designed by Maremar for school emergencies

Emergency Pediatric Medicine known in Puerto Rico as EMP (Emergencias Médicas Pediátricas) is a federal program that has branches in most states around the USA. The purpose of the program is to aid in the protection and care of infants and children. Puerto Rico is one of the only Hispanic countries where they are established and therefore much of their standard literature must be translated into Spanish and re-done.

We were contacted to produce a unique and interesting book. The project was to be a Manual for schools that do not have specialized medical personnel available to attend to possible health problems. Usually in grade schools the Social Worker or another staff employee functions as the Nurse or medical personnel. Without the proper training many times they are not prepared for certain situations that can arise. Hence the idea to create this manual with the answers and steps to take in normal non-emergency situations.

Due to the nature of the piece, there were certain considerations that had to be analyzed. The Manual had to withstand rough handling and the possibility of getting wet. Since it was to be used in a moment of rush, we decided to use coated cover material for all pages to minimize the wear and tear of the pages due to rapid nervous handling. The book was spiral bound so it would lay flat and help the user be able to follow the instructions properly without the problem of having to constantly look for the appropriate page. The typography had to be big enough for someone to be able to read it from a distance. We used bigger than normal type, many times in bold and in a different color to highlight the important steps. Diagrams were designed to facilitate the process whenever possible. It was to be child friendly and not scare the patient.

This was a very rewarding project; it was distributed all over the island and was exported to other Hispanic communities in the USA.

Designing and Publishing


  • Project Management
  • Book requirement analysis
  • Design and Formatting of the book
  • Cover and Interior Design 
  • Creation of Diagrams and Charts
  • Print Management
  • Independent Publishing Coordination
  • Book Mock-ups

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