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Designing and publishing the book Católico Protestante allowed us to work once again with Dr. Rosselló and his team. This project was quite different than the previous ones we had worked on. Instead of being mostly autobiographical in nature, telling the story of his family and his time as Governor of the island of Puerto Rico, Dr. Rosselló enters the religious, mythological, and philosophical realmes.

It’s a fascinating book that goes through all stages of religious, philosophical, and scientific evolution in trying to answer the most basic of questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose? How should we live our lives? This book analyzes the evolution of these beliefs.

Our work with this team is always pleasant and everyone, especially the author, was pleased with the final product.

Designing and Publishing


  • Project Management
  • Design and Formatting of the book
  • Cover Design
  • Photography manipulation and retouching
  • Printing Management
  • Independent Publishing Coordination
  • Book Mock-ups
  • Promotional Invitations
  • Advertising
Dr. Rosselló says, “Mythology, philosophy, and religion, have served as principal orders of human thought in answers to the universal and logical questions regarding Who we are? Where did we come from ? Where are we going? What is our purpose here? Later on in human history, this thought was intertwined with science, with its experimental and deductive methodology, to find similar answers to the same essential questions.

Essentially, this work is a personal chronicle that intellectually details these concepts and offers us a glimpse of the future of such precepts in the face of the infinity of time and space that surrounds us, together with the reality that, despite all the advances made in science and technology, we still suffer extraordinary limitations of knowledge. The enormity of what we do not yet know and even what we have the possibility of knowing defines the enormity of our ignorance.”

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