a-mi-manera-vol 2 Parado
a-mi-maneraVol 2-1Int
a-mi-manera Vol2-1Int
This is Dr. Pedro Rosselló’s second volume to his memoirs.  Having asked us to make these three books a series we embarked on the job of doing something that 10 years from now would not be dated. These books are meant to leave a record of his time as governor and as such their design should not respond to any “fad”. Everyone was very pleased with the outcome. 


Project Management

Three book design and formatting

Three synchornized Cover design and artwork

Design of custom case for joint 3 pieces

Creation of custom graphics and tables

Retouching of photographs

Publishing Coordination

Print Management

Book Mockups

Custom label to autograph the books

Promotional Invitations

Invitation to several presentations




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