Portada del libro A Mi Manera
Dr. Pedro Rosselló, ex-governor of Puerto Rico decided to write his memoirs.  He wanted to produce a series of three books (of which this is the first volume) about his eight years as Governor of the island. He approached us with the task of designing the books to be part of a series. Each book was to have its own identity but they all had to be part of a “family”. The Governor was already set on his concept for the cover of the book but as we analyzed the material we realized that his concept was too dated and would not benefit the merchandising of the books nor the fact that these books are to be part of his legacy and should not have a “dead” design. We started working on alternatives that would please him but would be more appropriate until we came up with the perfect solution. To unify all three volumes we used the same background in a different color on each book. Then we changed the focal photo of each piece to match the content of the book. 

The graphics and tables were a challenge but we finally worked on a version with which he was very pleased.

The books were produced in hard and soft covers and a custom casing was made to group all three volumes.


Project Management

Three book design and formatting

Three synchornized Cover design and artwork

Design of custom case for joint 3 pieces

Creation of custom graphics and tables

Retouching of photographs

Publishing Coordination

Print Management

Book Mockups

Custom label to autograph the books

Promotional Invitations

Invitation to several presentations




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