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All the fuss with social media!

You know your business has to be on the same platforms as your clients. You need to be active and establish a professional presence for them to recognize. BUT, lets face it, who has the time to run a business and stay up to date with all the social media requirements. The sizes of the posts vary depending on the platform, the type of graphics need to have a certain quality, your Brand has to shine through all your posts so people will recognize and form a clear image of your product, and so on…

We take this hassle off your hands with custom branded social media graphics that establish trust and clarify your message. This will results in increased exposure and engagement without you having to go through all the trouble. Let’s chat and see how we can help you!

Cut through the noise and stand out in your market with a branded, cohesive and beautifully designed social media presence.

Social Media Manager School Graduate

We’ve put together some packages below to help your brand get up and running on social media.

Social Media Packages are monthly retainer packages that take care of your online presence and make your job easier. We will provide as little or as much help as you need.

4 month minimum commitment.


We all have different needs. You see, some people need help with the graphic design of their posts and covers, others need audits and strategy development. Still others want a manager that will do everything, the research, creation, scheduling, posting and measuring. All our packages are customized to your needs. And if you need something else, we are here to talk to you and help you solve that too, we have you covered!

Let’s chat and determine what you need.

Monthly retainer shall be established on a per client basis.

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