We have established several different packages to address our clients needs in the area of Social Media.

You see, some people only need help with the graphic design of their posts and covers, others need audits and strategy development. Still others want a manager that will do  everything, the research, creation, scheduling, posting and measuring. All our packages are individualized to your needs.

Graphics Package

Strategy Package

Manager Package

Lets talk and let us help you reach your goal.


We work with our clients on specific projects that require our expertise and will benefit from our close working relationships. Among these areas of expertiese is our knowledge of book design. With proper guidance, a book is not a daunting task. It has to be understood and calendarized so that all the necessary steps and stages of the process are dealt with properly. Check out our portfolio for samples of our latest work.


At Maremar we understand that we are living in a world of information overflow– that’s why good design must prevail. Good design will organize and synthesize your message into something that will catch and hold the attention of your audience. To communicate ideas and emotions you need good design. To break through the clutter and make your presence felt you need good design. Your brand is your personality. Your logo is your face to the world; it has to be exactly what you need it to project because you might not get a second chance.


Identity Development

Advertising Design

Marketing Strategy & Pieces

POP for supermarket sales

Print Design

Invitation Design

Copywriting & Editing (Spanish and English)


Altmost everything is going digital, from web pages to blogs, newsletters, invitations and even books are being posted online. Why? well first of all it is faster and usually cheaper, second we have more control. If you find a typo on the third chapter of your book you don`t have to wait for the next printing to correct it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still many occacions and reasons why you should stick with the tried and true print format. But you should learn how to take advantage of it’s digital counterpart, how they can complement each other.

We help you do that, we listen and recommend the best combination for the best result possible.