Martex Farms Packaging

Martex Farms approached us with the task of developing the packaging for a completely new product. They’re one of the largest (if not the largest) tropical fruit growers, processors and packers on the island. When they decided to expand their product line to include selling boiled green bananas, and they knew they needed new packaging for this new product.

Aside from having to work with the established corporate identity and all the consideration that food packaging requires, Martex Farms wanted the bananas to be seen from the outside so the buyer would be able to evaluate the quality of the product. Boiled green bananas are not pretty. So, how do you let people see them and not turn them off?

We decided to go with a bright green box that enhances the freshness of the product. To be able to tie in this new product with their existing corporate identity we exploited the elements already established; and were able to create a “v” shaped window through which the buyer can see part of the product–enough to make sure of the quality.

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