Hi, my name is Marina Rivón, and I am one of the partners, senior designer and chief paperpusher at Maremar. I am also a wife and the mother of two marevelous men. Our Golden Retriever’s name is Tita and she likes to play ball and wash her paws in her water dispenser.

Maremar Graphic Design and Social Media was conceived as a personalized boutique type design group but it can become as complex as you need it to be. Personalized, because many of our clients come to me for my personal attention and the 25+ years of experiece that I bring to the table, but, for those that need more, we have a fabulouse team of virtual resources availble that come together seamlessly to fulfill the most complicated tasks. This means that you don’t have to pay for the overhead or resources you don’t need nor use.

Your “On Call” Creative Department

 Since 1997, Maremar provides award winning professional graphic and web design to creative departments that are overloaded with work and to smaller companies that may not have a creative department but know that they need our services. We have since specialized in Social Media Management and helping out our clients keep up to date in thier social media strategies.

No more flat, boring solutions. Your logo, brochures, annual reports and sales pieces need to be up to par with the industry. We have years of experience working with non-profit organizations and know what you need. We listen to you so we can understand your situation and offer intelligent professional solutions. We work within your budget.

Established on the island of Puerto Rico, we are completely bilingual therefore are in a unique position to relate to the hispanic markets in the US.

We love to please our clients and have fun, but, we are very serious about how we do our work and the results you expect and deserve.


Almost 20 years ago my eldest son was diagnosed with two kissing ulcers, after many doctors appointments, everyone agreed that he needed more “of my time”, so, with no back-up plan whatsoever I resigned my comfortable 15 year position at a prestigiouse Design firm in San Juan, Puerto Rico and embarqued on a new adventure.

Mind you, the experience I developed working as Senior Designer at Graf, Inc. was invaluable. I had the opportunity to work with all types of clients and oversee their projects. From small start ups to many, many Annual Reports for companies and big banks such as Banco Popular de PR and the Govenment Development Bank among others.

Those years were my learning and testing ground. They also tought me what I did not want my clients to endure. So, with nothing but a very good reputation and a couple of loyal clients that followed me through my transition, Maremar was born. Oh, just so you know, my son is doing great. He studied Arquitechture at Georgia Tech and in Paris and at present lives and works in San Francisco with his wife.