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Terms & Conditions


  • Scope of works and price: as detailed in your package/quotation
  • Payment terms: depending on the service orders are to be paid for in advance via our secure online payment buttons/links. Or a 50% deposit required before the start of the project.
  • Preferred payment method: please make payment via credit card or Paypal to ensure prompt project turnaround!
    NB: We do not accept Digital Checks or eChecks.

Project brief

  • Questionnaire for project brief: furnished after receipt of order
  • Assistance with development of project brief: first 2 hours — free | additional hours, if required — $125 per hour


  • Number of design options per package: 2-3 design options will be provided for you to choose from
  • Number of edits per package: 2 rounds of design edits will be provided to refine your chosen design — edits to be used within 30 days of receipt of initial design draft (and not exceeding 30 minutes of design time per edit)
  • Additional edits/revisions: $125 per hour
  • Additional design concepts/re-designs: $125 per hour
  • Additional website templates/template variations: request quote
  • Additional content insertion: $75 per hour
  • Format – web graphics: delivered in JPG, GIF or PNG format
    NB: Does not include source/master file in PSD format (if you require these files, please request quotation).
  • Format – print-ready graphics: delivered in PDF or EPS format
    NB: Does not include source/master files in PSD formats (if you require these files, please request quotation).Images / photos / illustrations used in your designs


  • Images – web: only royalty-free/stock materials will be used in your designs unless client specifies otherwise (latter to be supplied/purchased separately by client)
  • Images – print: large format/high definition 300ppi stock images used for your print-ready outputs will incur an additional charge (price varies according to image selected)
  • Images – custom: all custom images/artwork/materials for use in your designs to be supplied by client | if you would like us to create any custom material from scratch, please specify that in your project brief

Project management fee

  • Any works involving third-party contractors (ie. not Maremar Graphic Design in-house team) will be charged a project management fee of approx. 15 – 20% of total contract value.
    Premium fee
  • A premium may be charged, at our discretion, for work carried out under, but not limited to, these conditions:
  • priority turnaround for urgent or unscheduled works not subject to our normal waiting times or project queues
  • clients deemed to require excessive levels of attention or servicing, over and above resources and time-cost allocated for their project
  • excessive client-side delays that overextend resources and time-cost allocated for their project

Commencement of project

  • Project brief start date: advised after receipt of your payment approval by the credit card company/bank/payment processor
  • Project start date: scheduled after completion of project brief

Project turnaround

  • First design draft is presented within 1-10 business days (Mon – Fri) from project start date, depending on complexity of work. Any changes and revisions are made within 1-5 business days, depending on complexity of work. Completed deliverables will be electronically delivered within 2 business day after receipt of your final approval. Client will also be continually apprised of timelines throughout the project.
    NB: Turnaround time excludes client brief/review/response time and is also subject to revision if changes or extra services are added to the original package.

Re-activation of pended projects

  • In the event a project is pended or delayed by the client for more than 30 days, the project will be downgraded to “pending” status.
    NB: Please note that the client will be charged a re-activation fee of $88 for time spent to re-open pending project files + refresh/re-acquaint ourselves with your project details.

Validity period for in-package design edits

  • In-package design edits are to be requested by the client within 30 days from delivery of first set of design variations/options.
    NB: Edits requested after the 30-day validity period may be charged a re-activation fee of $88.

Projects queue & waiting time

  • Our projects queue is normally 1-2 weeks. During our peak design season — ie. fall and spring — there may be an extended waiting time, over and above our normal projects queue. We promise to keep you fully informed should this happen.

Design ownership & trademark/copyright

  • Design ownership: Maremar Graphic Design agrees to sign over all rights associated with the ownership and use of designs originated by Maremar Graphic Design to the client upon receipt of full payment for the design source files. This supposes an additional charge not contemplated in the original estimate. The original estimate contemplates the usage of said designs but NOT the ownership. Until such payment is made Maremar Graphic Design holds and reserves all rights to any content or design created by Maremar Graphic Design as set forth by the Copyright Laws of the United States of America (Title 17 U.S.C., et seq., and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Upon full payment to Maremar Graphic Design, all rights to the final product, full and unrestricted, will be released to the client for use in all media, in all markets, for an unlimited period of time. Maremar Graphic Design retains and reserves the rights to use any and all content or design developed by Maremar Graphic Design, regardless of ownership, for display and self-promotional purposes.
  • Trademark & copyright: Maremar Graphic Design provides no guarantee of copyright to client. Client assumes responsibility of obtaining Trademark or Copyright of any material created by Maremar Graphic Design. Maremar Graphic Design assumes no liability in the event the client is unable to obtain Trademark or Copyright of said material for any reason.

Revisions to Terms & Conditions

maremar.com  reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify our terms & conditions, policies and agreements at any time and in any manner without prior notice.

Last updated: 1 June 2017

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