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How To Make Clients Open your Mail

The Uniquenes created through Graphic Design can help your business stop being invisible.

Have you ever heard the saying: “That’s like looking for a needle in a haystack”?… Have you ever wondered how would a needle in a haystack look? The other night I was watching TV with my family, we were watching an episode of Criminal Minds and one of the characters mentioned this saying and another one of the characters corrected him by saying “actually its not like looking for a needle in a haystack but a specific needle in a stack of needles… hmmm

That got me thinking, he is right, a needle would actually stand out in a haystack (although difficult) but it would be virtually impossible to find in a stack of needles.

What could you do to be able to find that needle?

Let’s think about this… you could paint it a bright color, or you could change its shape bending it into an odd shape or you could attach something to it…

OK, now that you have this image in your mind, think about what happens when your business envelope falls on a desk full of other envelopes. If your corporate identity is not distinctive enough to make your envelope stand out, you will have a plain needle in the middle of a needle stack.

Looking for something that is unique

Think about this, it works the same at all levels of life- If you are Christmas shopping and suddenly get separated from your son or significant other, what do you do? (Aside from panicking)… you would probably try searching for some distinctive feature of that person. It could be the color of his shirt or if he is above average in height you might look above the counter aisles. In any case you are looking for something that is unique to that person; the twist in the needle.

Your business identity needs to make a statement, by this I don’t mean that you have to have shocking pink envelopes (hmmm, why not?) but it should be unique to your corporate image so they will recognize it. Enough to stand out and call your name.

Graphic Design can help your business stop being invisible; it can put a face and a personality on your identity. Remember, the easier your envelope stands out from the rest of the plain envelops on that desk, the faster it will be opened and your business taken care of.

Marina Rivón is an award winning graphic designer, consultant and partner at Maremar Graphic Design with 30 years of experience developing creative marketing solutions for satisfied clients. You can contact her at marina@maremar.com and see her work at: www.maremar.com


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