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Ad Agencies Who Really Works on Your Projects

The importance of developing a long lasting relationship with your designer and why it is so difficult with Ad Agencies.

Finding the right Agency to take care of your account is like finding the right dance partner. You go to a Dance Studio (Ad Agency) to meet your potential partner (Creative/Designer). You exchange niceties; you decide to go for a cup of coffee to get to know him better, hmmm, so far, so good. OK, so lets try a spin around the dance floor. You try a couple of simple steps, well, things seem to work out. You practice and dance for several weeks, each time trying out more complex steps.

Wow, this seems to fit like a glove and then suddenly, three or four months into your “dream” partnership you arrive at the Dance Studio and “pow” you are informed that “Jim” no longer works there. You try to find out where he has gone to, hey, you’ve put a lot of work into this relationship. You’ve spent months to find someone that understands you, knows your shortcomings and helps you look good. You’re not about to let him go off so easily.

Of course, no one tells you squat about Jim’s whereabouts but the Studio owner assures you that “Robert” is a “better” dancer than Jim… Well, so what, Robert doesn’t know you, he hasn’t had the time to know you. Of course he can dance, but, does he know how you like to dance? Does he understand when you need for him to help you or give you the space you need to decide what goes next?

Get the picture? Ad Agencies have such a high turnover of Creatives that you don’t have the time to establish a deep lasting relationship.

This is one of the reasons why, as a client, you seldom see the Creative* that works with your account. That’s one of the reasons for the inconsistencies in performance Agencies offer their clients. An account executive that is usually paid enough to have a longer life span at their work is assigned to your account. That way you never really see the person that actually does the design work. You might be dancing with different partners each time, partners that don’t know anything about you or your business but, hey, the lights are off so, you never really know.

At a smaller Design Studio the lights are always on, you deal directly with the Creative and he learns exactly how fast or how slow you like to dance. With 20+ years of stability we aren’t going anywhere soon. At least not anyplace where you can’t reach us. We are always willing to learn a new dance step or music beat, we take the time to get to know what you want and what you need and will even teach you a new step or two.

* Each Agency/Studio has a different name for this person, it could be Creative, Designer, Graphic Artist or Commercial Artist, but, basically it’s the same person, the one in charge of doing all the creative artwork for your account.

Marina Rivón is an award winning graphic designer, consultant and partner at Maremar Graphic Design with 30 years of experience developing creative marketing solutions for satisfied clients. You can contact her at marina@maremar.com and see her work at: www.maremar.com

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