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Just a note to brag a little about

my recently finished piece:)

New Project

A couple of weeks ago I got together with one of my long time clients and we were chatting about the economy here on the island (Puerto Rico) she happens to be one of the most prominent economists on the island (Heidie Calero) and publishes a monthly newsletter for all the fabulously intelligent people that understand and need all those high core economic numbers and charts. The information she provides her client list is of the utmost value for their businesses, but, as in all the different areas of the economy, there is a contraction as to what people are spending their monies in.

As we continued our conversation I mentioned that I had recently launched a new service designed specifically to create e-books and opt in pieces to capture more subscribers. Mind you, I am a graphic designer, not a numbers person, so, from my point of view I suggested she write a piece explaining in plain language what the situation really is on the island. Here’s the thing, economy specialists and analytics understand themselves but the “normal” people don’t have a complete picture. Since we are bilingual here in Puerto Rico, I suggested it be written in spanish so we would be sure that anyone that wanted to read it could understand it.

HCalero Consulting Group

So this is what we came up with. Its a very elegant, simple and intelligible piece explaining the current situation on the island as of  August 2017. You can download it for free by going to HCalero Consulting Group, Inc. 


Marina Rivón is an award winning graphic designer, consultant and partner at Maremar Graphic Design with 30 years of experience developing creative marketing solutions for satisfied clients. You can contact her at marina@maremar.com and see her work at: www.maremar.com

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