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Need a cheat sheet or an ebook that will attract your target audience?

A Professionally Designed E-Book will:

  • Impress your clients
  • Boost your professional credibility
  • Keep a consistent style across all your marketing materials and create greater brand recognition
  • Help you promote your creations all over the place with confidence
  • Give you more time to focus on actually running your business
  • Give you the time to write your next e-book.

You’ve put together a valuable new resource that has the potential of helping your clients. And you are just about ready to send it out into the world, except your fabulous new e-book is sitting on your desktop as a Word document.

You know that you have to do things right so people will respect you as a professional, but, doing it all alone can be a pain in the tuche.

You don’t have time to waste fiddling around with InDesign or Canva to produce that perfect ebook. Just as you are a professional in your field you know you need a professional designer to help create that breath taking ebook that all your public will want to read, because, lets face it, nobody likes to read an ugly e-book.

Sooo we have developed this service to facilitate the creation of different types of lead magnets that are so necessary in our e-mail capturing quest. Almost everything is going digital, from web pages to blogs, newsletters, invitations and even books are being posted online. Why? well first of all it is faster and usually cheaper, second we have more control. If you find a typo on the third chapter of your book you don`t have to wait for the next printing to correct it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still many occasions and reasons why you should stick with the tried and true print format. But you should learn how to take advantage of it’s digital counterpart, how they can complement each other.

Ready to Get Started? 

Whether you want an awesome-looking opt-in E-Book or a cleverly designed cheat sheet I can create a design that transforms your words into a polished professional product.

Fill out and send me the following questionnaire and I will get back to you normally within 2 working days.


  • eBook Design
  • Branded eBook in PDF format
  • eBook Cover in IPad and/or computer screen graphic mockup
  • Supporting graphic post for promoting on social media (of your choice)
  • My time, expertise, and talent

E-Books start at $500 (for 8 pages)
Cheat Sheets start at $150 (depending upon complexity)

Custom packages are available at different price ranges, let’s talk!

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