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Tired of spending hours searching for the right photo for your project or post?  We have you covered!


Curated Photography


Are you sick and tired of having to invest so much time looking for the right photograph for your Social Media posts or PowerPoint presentation? Wouldn’t you just love to delegate this to someone that knows what they are doing? This service has been developed specifically for people like you.

With our years of experience directing and choosing photos for our clients we know what to look for. Of course, you set the guidelines (by filling out a form) and we send you a set of 20 photographs that should fit your specifications for you to choose from. For $50.00 you can use one or all 20 photos (depending of course on what type of photos you requested). Let us do the work for you.

Selection of photographs

First of all you have to click on the orange button on top that will take you to a form where you will tell us all about the image you need. The more abundant and exact the information you provide, the better opportunity we have of finding the right photo for you. At the end of that form you will find a Submit button, once you hit that, the information will be on its way to us.

As soon as we receive your completed form we will send a PayPal invoice. Once the payment is processed we will proceed with your job.



In the form you will be asked to fill out what type of photography are you looking for: Rights Managed?  Royalty Free? or Free Stock Photography?.

Rights Managed, or RM, refers to  a copyright license which, if purchased by a user, allows the one-time use of the photo as specified by the license. If the user wants to use the photo for other uses an additional license needs to be purchased. RM licences can be given on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis. The price will depend on the type of usage be it editorial, educational or commercial.

Royalty-free, or RF, Royalty Free stock photos are in many cases interpreted as free photos.  This is not true.  Royalty Free refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees  for each use,  the purchaser can use the photo multiple times on multiple projects with few restrictions.  The downside to Royalty Free images is that they cannot be purchased on an exclusive basis so other stock photography purchasers may end up using the image you purchased for their campaign as well.  Royalty Free is a non exclusive copyright license. 

Free Stock Photography – there are many, many sites that offer very good free photographs BUT beware, everyone and their brother might be using the same photograph to depict completely different messages. If you are a corporate client you might want to stick to the Rights Managed or at least the Royalty Free Photos.


If you filled out the questionaire with sufficient information, we are sure that with 20 curated images to choose from we have a pretty good chance of having found something appropriate. But, if none of them agree with you we can do another round of selection for a discounted price of $35.00.


If you use Pintrest, you will receive a link to a private  board where you will find all 20 images that have been personally curated for you based on the information you provided in the form you filled out. All photos have the live links to their sites of origin so you can verify and download the size you need and make sure you can copy all the pertinent information about the photographer. You are free to download whichever one you choose, or all 20 if you like. We will abide by the choices you made in terms of Royalty Managed or Royalty Free images, but, the idea of sending you all the live links is that you can verify that there is no copyright issue in their usage.

If you do not have a Pintrest account, we will send you the 20 links in an e-mail so you can select your preference.


At present we accept all major credit cards through PayPal.


We are just an e-mail away. Write to us at info@maremar.com and we will try to solve the situation as fast as possible.

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