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My Mom always said “don’t judge a book by its cover, never judge a person by their appearance”. But reality shows us that, not only do we judge but we make important decisions based on this judgement. Every single day we confront situations in which appearances dictate our reactions. Graphic Design or the lack of it is no exception to this rule.

Right Branding Speaks Volumes

Take for example a car mechanic.
You have to fix the brakes on your new Volvo, the guy with the dinky little mechanic shop on the corner has always done a great job on your old Volvo, but hey, this is your new car, it deserves better. So what do you do? You take it to the dealer even though the brakes are no longer under warranty and you know they are going to rip you off. What is the end result? Your pocket book suffers and a mechanic that probably has no experience fixes your brakes.

What does this have to do with my business?
You might be asking, well for starters you should stop and carefully evaluate what is it that you are telling your public and potential clients about you and your company. How do you do business? Is your job over when you make the sale or do you put in that extra little something that makes the difference? Objectively look at your image and all your business communications. Do they send the appropriate message? Do they all sound like they are coming from the same source? Do they speak about your professionalism and experience? What appearance are you sending out about yourself and your company?

Business CardsLet’s examine another case: your computer broke down and you need to fix it. Your next door neighbor hands you two business cards and tells you that he has used them both and that they are equally good and reasonably priced, We Fix It Computer Repair and Joe’s Computer Repair. You check out the cards and notice that the first one is a nicely printed two color card with a very clean and professional look on it, it has the company’s address, phone number, e-mail, web site and even a cellular number that says 24 hour emergencies next to it. You catch yourself thinking “yeah right, well I am not going to call you at 2am when my computer crashes” but, you do feel reassured that they are available even if you are not going to use them. Then you look at the other card, Joe’s Computer Repair. This one is a full color ink jet printout card with an outdated clipart of an old PC done on Avery Card Stock material. It has the same information as the other card except for the cell phone number and the “24 hour emergency” line next to it. Really, whom do you honestly think you will call to fix your computer?

The use or lack of Graphic Design in your business can mark the difference between being remembered or just being one more business trying to make ends meet. Your business face to the public is what sells your product to those that don’t know anything about you. Being confronted with two possibilities to choose from whom would you want to be: Joe’s Computer Repair or We Fix It Computer Repair?


Marina Rivón is an award winning graphic designer, consultant and partner at Maremar Graphic Design with 30 years of experience developing creative marketing solutions for satisfied clients. You can contact her at marina@maremar.com and see her work at: www.maremar.com

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