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Become your Clientes Hero

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? Do you even remember?

For this, first of all someone had to remember something worth writing to you about. It might be personal like a birthday or some news important to your family or it might be work related like an article in the newspaper, or a new supplier. The important thing here is that someone had to be attentive to details and have you present in their mind to make this happen.

This person had to take the time to pick out a notecard for you, make sure it was appropriate and that the message it sent was adequate. Then he had to write a message, but mind you, it couldn’t be a long message because it would be too much for the space available, and it would defeat the purpose of being a “note”. Once he had the message down in his best penmanship, he had to look for an adequate envelope. At this point he has to look for your physical postal address, your “snail mail” (not the fast and easy e-mail that is already set up on their computers e-mail account and pops up when they start writing your name). Nope, your physical address. Next step is to write down your address and their remittance address on the envelope.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there, now he has to actually go somewhere and purchase a stamp to put on the envelope. Once all this is done, the person has to actually look for a physical mailbox to put the note into so that a mailman can pick it up and eventually deliver it.  I don’t know about you but, have you noticed how few mailboxes are left?

Anyway, once a person has gone through all this trouble to send you a handwritten note card do you think you will forget him or her that easily? It takes a little time and attention to detail to make a good impression.

Take my word for it, you will become their rockstar!

PS. You can find free downloadable note cards that you can print in-house at: https://www.pinterest.com/marinarivon/free-stuff-gratis/

If you can’t find the card that says what you want to express send me an e-mail, we might just have it on our drawing board. marina@maremar.com


Marina Rivón is an award winning graphic designer, consultant and partner at Maremar Graphic Design with 30 years of experience developing creative marketing solutions for satisfied clients. You can contact her at marina@maremar.com and see her work at: www.maremar.com

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