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7 steps to fix a presentation

How to use Powerpoint and 7 tips to improve your presentation

Powerpoint is one of those programs that is incorrectly used by a lot of people. Powerpoint is a visual AID for making slides that will enhance or complement your presentation NOT a blackboard where you write down all the information from your presentation for your audience to read. If that’s what you want you might as well print it and hand it out. There are several easy steps you can take to make effective Powerpoint presentations that won’t make your audience fall asleep.


1 – Use a Welcome or Title slide, you DO NOT have to repeat the title on each slide.

2- DO NOT use more than 4-5 bullets with highlights. Make them count. Bullets are there to remind you of the talking points, not to explain all the material. If you need to make sure you remember more information use the notes feature, that’s what its there for. If people only have several bullets on the slide they will make sure to pay attention to the speaker. The other way around they will fall asleep after reading the slides.

3 – Use copyright-free images, DO NOT use photos from Google or Wikipedia. There are a lot of sites that offer beautiful copyright-free images and photos for free.

4 – Use the same type of font or combination of fonts throughout the presentation. If you use a bold, blue, all caps, 24pt. font for your titles; always use the same combination. The same goes for the text type, always use the same font and size.

5- Use the same color combinations throughout the presentation.

6 – Always try to align the text the same way unless the images on the slide require you to move the text around. If it’s centered, try to centralize everything.

7- Thank your audience at the end and remember to include your contact information.

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